Nick Kettles

Nick Kettles

Coach - Mentor - Trainer

Nick Kettles

Coach - Mentor - Trainer

At the intersection of coaching, developmental psychology and trauma aware somatics, lies the opportunity to compassionately embrace the full expression of our humanity, especially those parts we have marginalised or placed into the shadow.

Whether you are seeking time to reflect on who you truly are at your core; discover your next step in your leadership development journey, or wish to identify clearly how the past still holds you back then I can help.

About Me

I am a Master Certified Coach, and healer of 25 years experience in the human potential movement. In a desire to escape an awkward and painful past, throughout my life, I frequently mistook my own adaptive and often reactive life strategies as evidence of a purposeful existence.

However, today, I find delight in finally moving slow enough to discover that our purpose and indeed our spirituality can be found at the heart of our messy humanity. This is the realisation that guides all my work whether as a coach, trainer, designer or writer.


Training & Design

Training & Design With over 25 years of facilitation and training design experience, I can help enrich your personal or professional development programs, to enhance student learning and engagement.

1-1 Coaching

Coaching services for individuals, executives, entrepreneurs; via packages designed to focus on a specific area of transformation, or a bespoke engagement designed to meet your unique needs,
Examples of my writing from my former career as a journalist, specialising in the environment and sustainability and along with current examples focusing on human transformation.

Mentor Coaching for Trainees

Mentor coaching for students following CTI’s certification program, or, seeking an ICF credential via the portfolio pathway.

Success Stories

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