Nick Kettles

Nick Kettles

My Background

Nick is an ICF Master Certified Coach and Leadership development trainer of 18 years’ experience. In his work he supports leaders navigate uncertainty and complexity, from a foundation of deep self-acceptance and authorship. Often this work of developing our Leader Within, calls us to embrace parts of ourselves which we have marginalised, a process Nick skilfully guides with compassion and full permission. As a former journalist and published author, he also adds creative flair and guidance to help leaders to define and give voice to their guiding purpose.

He believes that at the intersection of what we want to present to the world and what we wish to hide, lies the power of authenticity and our capacity to both dare to take courageous action in service of what matters most. By inspiring change makers and executives to lead from their most authentic self; Nick helps transform a fear of change into a profound curiosity about what’s possible. Since 2007 Nick has worked all over the world as both a coach and leadership development trainer. For CTI, Nick has trained 1000s of new coaches in Europe, Asia and the USA.

As a leadership development trainer, he has trained leaders inside organisations such as BASF, IDEO, Mozilla Group, Google, Medtronic, the US Overseas Development Agency and the US Navy. As a lead trainer delivering Co-Active coaching skills to senior leaders inside the pharmaceutical company Roche, over a 4-year period, Nick helped steward the transformation of the company towards establishing a more agile organisation.

Nick has delivered over 4000 hours of coaching and Leadership Circle debriefs to leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and executives seeking to bring forth a more authentic leadership in place of a play not to lose mindset. Nick has pursued a meditation practice in the Advaita Vedanta tradition for over 20 years and has worked as a meditation teacher for the last 10 years. He brings this experience of teaching mindfulness and the art of open presence into the heart of his coaching and leadership development, to develop the self and system awareness so critical to successful leadership. Originally from the United Kingdom, he is naturalised French, and makes his home in France together with his partner and two adult daughters and many animals, who together help keep his feet on the ground and heart open to possibility.


  • Personal life and leadership coach since 2006. ICF MCC accreditation.

  • CTI Senior Faculty Member – Fundamentals, Intermediate series; Corporate programs; Certification Program – training 1000s of new coaches and business leaders seeking to leverage the power of coaching skills in the workplace to further their leadership. Organisations worked with include: Mozilla Corp; Burberry; Microsoft; BASF, Roche, Google, US Government, US Navy, IDEO.

  • Post Graduate Diploma, Integrated Movement and Performance Studies, (combining the Physical Theatre (mask and movement) of Jacques Lecoq, Initiatic and Somatic Therapy of Maria Hippius and Karl Dorkheim, Jungian Psychology, and Alexander Technique), Thomas Prattki Centre, Berlin, and Rose Bruford College, UK

  • Neuro Affective Relational Model (NARM) Institute: NARM Trauma Informed Professional Training.

  • Brown University School of Professional Studies: ACT Team Coaching Program

  • Designer of adult personal and professional development experiences.

  • Facilitator of onsite and offsite trainings for SMEs, NGOs, and larger organisations.

  • Two decade practice and study of meditation in the Advaita Vedanta tradition of Shankaracharya.

  • Leadership Circle Profile Assessment Certified.

  • MA in Radio and Television Scriptwriting from Salford University.

  • Former journalist writing for The Guardian, The Independent, The Ecologist, and producer creating radio programs for the BBC.

  • Before becoming a coach Nick worked variously, for 15 years, as an Integrated and Holotropic Breath Therapist, Reiki Healer, and a guide to sacred sites of the British Isles.