Nick Kettles

Nick Kettles

Mentor Coaching

Mentor Coaching provides the mentorship, coaching and supervision for trainee coaches seeking their first credential, as well as those seeking to renew or upgrade an existing credential.

CTI Certification

If you have just completed CTI’s intermediate coach training program and are looking for a coach to guide you through their certification program, then I can help. I provide a comprehensive package which combines both mentoring and coaching, along with an oral preparation call, just prior to the oral exam. As a former trainer of the certification program, I can provide valuable mentorship alongside master level coaching.

ICF Mentor Coaching ( ACC; PCC; MCC)

If you are pursuing your first ICF credential or seeking to renew or upgrade an existing credential, then I can help with mentorship, coaching, and, essentially supervision. As a trainer I have trained 100s of new coaches to the PCC standard, and also undertaken the ICF’s PCC markers training, which requires an understanding of ACC markers. As an ICF Master Certified Coach, I am also qualified to help those seeking to acquire the MCC credential.

Training Programs

Thresholds of the Soul
Group Coaching Journeys

Thresholds of the Soul, provides the tools, wisdom, psychological safety and space, to dive deeper into your personal process and discover that the wound truly is where the light enters you.

For coaches and other professionals in the healing arts, Thresholds of the Soul provides a new frame and powerful awareness to help you address your clients self sabotage and the integration of the whole self. Thresholds of the soul can be experienced one to one or in a group journey.

Master Classes
For Coaches and Other
Helping Professionals

As coaches and helping professionals our clients will periodically reveal where it is important for us to deepen our learning and refine our craft. Thresholds Master Classes are designed to help you meet your edges so you can expand the scope of your practice. In small intimate groups all our classes offer a combination of insight, clear instruction and the opportunity to practice together.