Nick Kettles

Nick Kettles


Before becoming a coach and trainer, I worked as a journalist for 15 years, writing for a wide range of publications, including The Ecologist, The Times and Guardian newspapers and scripting and producing a documentary for BBC Radio 4. I also had a parable for children published by Shambhalla Books, the largest Buddhist publisher. Today, my focus has shifted to self publication via blogging, writing fiction and non-fiction, and scriptwriting YouTube videos. You will find below a range of my work for your interest.

The All-Seeing Boy and the Blue Sky of Happiness

A parable for children aged 6-9 and adults of all ages. The All-Seeing Boy believed that there must be a way to make people happy. Then he met the mysterious hobo Jason Carper Esquire who taught him about the blue sky of happiness and our inherent, somewhat magical ability to bring happiness to others.

The Ecologist

In this article I investigated the devasting environmental impact of middle-class cocaine use.

BBC Radio 4

In this documentary which I researched, wrote and co-produced I explore 'planned obsolescence' a term coined in the 1950s which has never been more relevant. Our desire to have the latest style can mean more in landfill, more children in China and India sifting through toxic waste, but it can also mean an innovative approach to new technologies and reusable materials.

Archetypes of Awakening

In this series of short videos created in collaboration with Ricky Derisz from Mind That Ego, we explore the shadow expression of a range of archetypes such as the magician and warrior, as they manifest in contemporary culture and politics.